Monitoring Software

A variety of solutions to meet your real time monitoring needs

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Sentinel Next App

The info you need right in your pocket

• Sensor Configuration Wizard
• Push notification alarms
• Sensor signing
• Graphs/Data
• Sensor Health

The Sentinel Next App provides all the tools you need to monitor
your important assets on the go.

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Cloud Services

Your data is stored on the Argus Labs Cloud

We recommend this setup as the simplest introduction to our Wi-Fi based sensor network. This scenario only requires our sensors, deployed within your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. There are no servers or databases to manage in the Web Hosted Edition. The sensors simply send the data to one of our hosted servers, where you can access the data from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Recommended for:

• Evaluation of our sensors
• Low number of sensors
• Setups which require web access

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Enterprise Software

Secure your data on-site, for convenience and security, Argus Labs offers full control of data through the Enterprise On-Site Edition.

Recommended for:

• Large number of sensors
• Increased security
• Possible integration and customization with other existing systems (not included)
• Setups which require only internal web access

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Desktop Software

Desktop Software Install on Windows on a PC. Sensor data flow through an existing Wi-Fi network to the desktop software. The software is used to view graphs, reports and configure alarms.

Recommended for:

• Evaluation of sensors
• Low number of sensors (less than 30 sensors)
• Setups which DO NOT require web access

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